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    Jupiter Year is Ashadha Year from 7/1/2020 to 11/2/2021  This Year monsoon will vary from places to places some regions with famine  and world leaders likely to be at loggers heads.

    Jupiter & Saturn remain in uttarashadha nakshatra together an event after many years between 8/3/2020/ to 26/7/2020 and 3o/10/2020 to 7/1/2021 this indicate there will be lot of differences amongst people as well as the ruling leaders Caution is required by world leaders  to maintain mutual harmony or the situations may get out of control Lot of effort will be required to prevent bad effects of Climate Change and Lot of temperature rises are expected in the world environment more than the previous years.

    From 17 march 2020 to 6th April Mars enters  uttarashadha nakshatra therefore during this period Pluto Saturn, Jupiter & Mars are together in one nakshatra Extra care to be taken by all world leaders to take caution in all matters Mercury enters Pisces on 7/4/2020 at 14:21hrs ISTand after passing through Aries enters Taurus on 9/5/2020 till such time problems connected to coronavirus will not ease Saturn becomes retrograde on 11/5/2020 and Jupiter becomes retrograde on  14/5/2020 Venus on 13/5 /2020 they respectively become direct on 29/9/2020 and 13/9/2020 .Venus becomes direct on  25/6/2020.All this indicates no early relief from problems created by Corona Pandemic.Expect relief from 7/12/2020.Jupiter and Saturn become conjunct on 21/12/2020 after which relief in situations may be witnessed till such time caution by world leaders to be maintained

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     Developing Software App in connection with above and will be informed accordingly at an appropriate date.

    1) Year from (16 February 2018 To 5 February 2019) was Heavenly Stem Yang Earth and Earthly Branch Dog.

    2) The Chinese year (05 February 2019 To 25 January 2020) is Heavenly Stem Yin Earth  and Earthly Branch is Pig, as per the Chinese 60 year cycle.


    4) Year 12th FEBRUARY 2021 to 31st  JANUARY 2022 is YIN METAL (OX YEAR)

    5) Year 1st FEBRUARY 2022 To 22nd JANUARY 2023 Heavenly Stem Yang Water and Earthly Branch is Tiger

     YEARS (1 ) AND( 2) 2018 and 2019  are Earth element which governs the spleen,stomach, pancreas.so,symptoms connected to these may manifest.

    Earth conquers water’ this term is used in Chinese astrology which suggests that these years will have functional symptoms and problems connected with the urinary system, kidney system, and bone problems such as arthritis of joints etc.Gynecological problems also likely to be manifested in these years

    Those Born in the Years 1952-1953 1962-1963 1972-1973 1982-1983 1992-1993 2002-2003 2012-2013-2022-2023 are The Heavenly Stems Of Water Years therefore above symptoms viz urinary/ kidney/ joints & Gynecological Disorders will be manifested.



    5) Since Year 1st February-2022 To 22nd January  2023 is Yang Water  Year Therefore Symptoms connected to  Kidney  Urinary Bladder Bones Cartilage,Nails,Teeth,Head,Hair as well as Gynaecological disorders will be Manifested

    Since Water Conquers Fire Symptoms Connected to Heart Pericardium,Small Intestine Brain,mental processes Blood Vessels and circulation will be Manifested Since the year is Tiger the year is not good for Monkey and Snake and good for Tiger Horse Dog and Pig.


    Since Both the years 2020 and 2021 are   metal years therefore symptoms connected to  lungs, large intestine and skin  will manifest viz respiratory problems, excretory problems (constipation,diarrhea piles etc) and also skin symptoms.

    Since Metal Conquers Wood Both The Years will also show symptoms related to liver Function viz bile secretion,etc.and Regulation, Storage, and Transport of Blood, Control of Tendons and Muscles Control of endocrines and function of gallbladder as well as mental activity.

    Those Born in Wood Years Will be more affected as above .

    years ending viz 1946,1956,1966,1976,1986,1996,2006 etc.will have more disharmonious year.


    1930-1940-1950-1960-1970-1980-1990-2000-2010-2020-2030      These years are yang metal.

    1941-1951-1961-1971-1981-1991-2001-2011-2021-2031                        These years are yin metal.

    1931-1932-1942-1952-1962-1972-1982-1992-2002-2012-2022          These years are yang water.

    1933-1943-1953-1963-1973-1983-1993-2003-2013-2023                    These years are yin water.

    1934-1944-1954-1964-1974-1984-1994-2004-2014-2024                    These years are yang wood.

    1935-1945-1955-1965-1975-1985-1995-2005-2015-2025                     These years are yin wood.

    1936-1946-1956-1966-1976-1986-1996-2006-2016-2026                    These years are yang Fire

    1937-1947-1957-1967-1977-1987-1997-2007-20017-2027                     These years are yin Fire.

    1938-1948-1958-1968-1978-1988-1998-2008-20018-2028                 These years are yang earth.

    1939-1949-1959-1969-1979-1989-1999-2009-2019-2029                     These years are yin earth.


    IF Your Birth Element is (Metal Element) than Your Parent is ( Earth Element ) Your Friend is (Wood Element ) Your Neutrality is (Metal Element ) Your  Children is  (Water Element ) Your Boss is ( Fire Element)

    IF Your Birth Element is (Water Element) than Your Parent is (Metal Element) Your Friend is (Fire  Element)  Your Neutrality is (Water  Element )  Your  Children is (Wood Element) Your Boss is ( Earth Element)

    IF Your Birth Element is (Wood Element) than Your Parent is (Water Element) Your Friend is (Earth Element) Your Neutrality is ( Wood Element) Your  Children is (Fire Element) Your Boss is (Metal Element)

    IF Your Birth Element is(Fire Element) than Your Parent is (Wood Element) Your Friend is ( Metal Element ) Your Neutrality is (Fire Element)   Your  Children is  (Earth Element) Your Boss is  (Water Element)   

    IF Your Birth Element is (Earth Element) than Your Parent is (Fire Element) Your Friend is (Water  Element) Your Neutrality is (Earth  Element) Your  Children is (Metal Element) Your Boss is ( Wood Element)  _______________________________________________________________________

    the above chart indicates the relationship of your birth element with other elements of other years.

    MEDICAL SIGNIFICATIONS                                                                                                             

    METAL Rules Lungs, Large Intestines, Skin, Body Hair and Rules Emotion of Grief and Melancholy  Opens to the NOSE ( Lungs Stores Courage & Boldness )

    WATER  Rules Kidneys, Urinary Bladder , Bones  Head Hair and Rules  Sex and Reproductive System  Emotion of Fear Opens to the EARS (Kidney Stores Will Power & Volition)

    WOOD Rules  Liver, Gallbladder Muscles, Tendons, ligaments, endocrine system.and secondary sex in women  and Rules Emotion of Anger and  Compassion Opens to the  EYES (Liver Stores Intuition )

    FIRE Rules Heart & Pericadium Small Intestine Blood Vessels Nervous system. and Rules Emotion of Joy and Laughter Opens to the TONGUE (Heart Stores The Spirit)

    EARTH Rules, Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas,  Muscles  Soft Tissues. and Rules Emotion of Worry and Pensiveness Opens to the MOUTH & LIPS (Spleen Stores Intellect & Reasoning)

    The Element have a creative  and a destructive cycle.

    Creative Cycles

    metal gives birth to water

    water gives birth to wood

    wood gives birth to fire

    fire gives birth to earth

    earth gives birth to metal

    Destructive  Cycles

    metal conquers wood

    wood conquers earth

    earth conquers water

    water conquers fire

    fire conquers water

    Exhaustive Cycles

    metal exhausts earth

    earth exhausts fire

    fire exhausts wood

    wood exhausts water

    water exhausts metal

    The Above Three Cycles Are Used In Analysis Of The Four Pillar Astrology.

    The Above Elements are also represented in a persons year of birth, month of birth, day of birth and hour of birth, witch are calculated according to Chinese  FOUR  PILLAR ASTROLOGY

    A person can be born in a particular animal year birth and also a different animal hour birth and both can be  used for analysis for compatibility & incompatibility with others.

    The Following are the Earthly Branches for different years and hours of birth.

    Years 1936-1948-1960-1972-1984-1996-2008-2020  are Rat years. Those who are born between  23 pm to 1 am local mean time of place are Rat hours.

    Years 1937-1949-1961-1973-1985-1997-2009-2021  are Ox years  Those who are born between 1 am to 3 am local mean time of place of birth are Ox hours

    Years 1938-1950-1962-1974-1986-1998-2010-2022  are Tiger years  Those who are born between 3 am to 5 am local mean time of place of birth are Tiger hours 

    Years 1939-1951-1963-1975-1987-1999-2011-2023   are Rabbit years Those who are born between 5 am to 7 am local mean time of place of birth are Rabbit hours 

    Years 1940-1952-1964-1976-1988-2000-2012-2024   are Dragon years Those who are born between 7 am to 9am local mean time of place of birth are Dragon hours 

    Years 1941-1953-1965-1977-1989-2001-2013-2025    are Snake years  Those who are born between 9 am to 11am local mean time of place of birth are Snake hours 

    Years 1942-1954-1966-1978-1990-2002-2014-2026   are Horse years Those who are born between 11 am to 13pm local mean time of place of birth are Horse hours 

    Years 1943-1955-1967-1979-1991-2003-2015-2027    are Sheep years Those who are born between 13 pm to 15pm local mean time of place of birth are Sheep hours 

    Years 1944-1956-1968-19780-1992-2004-2016-2028 are Monkey years Those who are born between 15 pm to 17 pm local mean time of place of  birth are Monkey hours 

    Years 1945-1957-1969-1981-1993-2005-2017-2029   are Rooster years Those who are born between 17 pm to 19 pm local mean time of place of birth are Rooster hours 

    Years 1946-1958-1970-1982-1994-2006-2018-2030  are Dog years Those who are born between 19 pm to 21 pm local mean time of place of  birth are Dog hours 

    Years 1947-1959-1971-1983-1995-2007-2019-2031   are Pig years Those who are born between 21 pm to 23 pm local mean time of place of birth are Pig hours 

    The twelve animals given in the 60 year cycle can be divided in to four triads having similar characteristic viz.

    The triad of Horse, Tiger and Dog seek to serve humanity, are extrovert,impulsive and idealistic. The triad Sheep,Rabbit and Pig are aesthetic types,guided by their emotions. they rely on others leadership,but can tune into their environment and become flexible in their behavior. The triad Monkey,Dragon and Rat are always restless; always positive doers who initiate action , They are ambitious and can be short-tempered on occasion. The fourth triad,the Rooster,Snake and Ox are the philosopher and introverts who pursue their theories with steady determination.


    Horse, Tiger and Dog are Friends     except between two Horses    

    Sheep,Rabbit and Pig are Friends         except between two Pigs

    Monkey,Dragon and Rat are Friends   except between two Dragons

    Rooster,Snake and Ox are Friends        except between two  Roosters

    Also Rat and Ox are Friends 

    Tiger and Pig are Friends                    

    Rabbit and Dog are Friends 

    Dragon and Rooster are Friends 

    Snake and Monkey are Friends 

    Horse and Sheep are Friends 


    Rat not compatible with Horse /Sheep /Rabbit

    Ox not compatible with Sheep/ Horse/Dog

    Tiger not compatible with Monkey/Snake

    Rabbit not compatible with Rooster/Dragon/Rat

    Dragon not compatible with Dog/Rabbit/Dragon

    Snake not compatible with Pig/Monkey/Tiger

    Horse not compatible with Rat/Ox/Horse

    Sheep not compatible with Ox /Rat/Dog

    Monkey not compatible with Tiger/Pig

    Rooster not compatible with Rabbit /Dog/Rooster

    Dog not compatible with Dragon/Ox/Sheep

    Pig not compatible with Snake /Monkey/Pig

                                      Some  Celebreities as per date and year of birth

    Rat-   Katrina kaif,  / Siddharth Malhotra  /Raj Kumar Rao / John Abraham / Karan Johar / Dwane Johnson / Scarlett Johnson /Khloe Kardhshian/

    (Characteristics)  Quick mind, a good bargainer , and a natural charmer

    Ox – Aishwarya Rai, /Sonam Kapoor   / Asin / Deepika Padukone (5th jan-1986) Shruti Hasan 28 jan 1986 because ox year begins on20th Feb1985 to 6th Feb1986 /Ranveer Singh

    (Characteristics) Steadiness, perseverance, and determination

    Tiger- Malaika Arora /Huma Qureshi/Kajol/Karishma Kapoor/Nawazazuddin Siddiqui/ Rajnikant Penelope Cruz /Amber Heard / De Caprio /Lady Gaga / Lindsay Lohan /

    (Characteristics ) Has vigour , leadership,and courage

    Rabbit-  Shraddha Kapoor/ Ileana Dcruz/Sonakshi Sinha / Tapsee Pannu /Varun Dhawan/Shusmita Sen/Charlize Theron /Kate Winslet

    (Characteristics) Friendliness ,diplomacy and adaptability

    Dragon – Anushka Sharma/ Yami Gautam / Parineeti Chopra /Vicky Kaushal / Emma Stone

    (Characteristics) Power, passion and drive

    Snake- Salman Khan / Amir Khan / Sharukh Khan / Tamanna/Bhumi Pednekar/Taylor Swift/Pierce Brosnan/Viday Balan (11th jan 1978)

    (Characteristics) Wisdom,mystery,and sensuality

    Horse- Tiger shroff / Rakul Preet / Amitabh Bachan /Kriti Sanon / Eli Evram/Ritesh Deshmukh/Lara Dutta / Kirsten Stewart/Salma Hayek/Kamal Haasan

    (Characteristics) Good humour friendliness and a care free attitudue

    Sheeep-  Madhuri Dixit / Akshay kumar / Juhi Chawala /Arbaaz Khan/Jason Stattam

    (Characteristics) Gentleness,compassion and love of good life

    Monkey – Disha Pattani / Kiara Advani /Kareena Kapoor/Nora Fatehi /Daniel Craig/Will Smith/Tom Hanks

    (Characteristics) Quick wit,many talents and lack of inhibition

    Rooster- Kapil Sharma /Sunny Leone /Alia Bhatt /Shahid Kapoor/ Manoj Bajpai/Ajay Devgan /Natalie Portman/Megan Fox/Catherine Zeta Jones/ Jenniffer Lopez /Anuskha Shetty/Surabhi Joshi/Beyonce

    (Characteristics) Keen judgement good planning and sharp perception

    Dog – Urvashi Rautela /Priyanka Chopra /Govinda/Ranbir Kapoor/Madonna/Prabhas/Rachel Weiz

    (Characteristics) Honesty idealism,and unselfish

    Pig –  Anil Kapoor/Sanjay Dutt/Tara Sutaria/Mila Kunis/Dhanush

    (Characteristics) Peaceful nature, optimism,sensitivity and knack to enjoy life


    Examples of Compatibilty:

    (Pig)-Anil Kapoor (24 /11/1959 and (Sheep) – Madhuri Dixit (15/05/1967)

    (Dog)-Govinda (21/12/1958 and (Tiger) –  Karishma Kapoor 25/06/1974)

    (Rat)-Sidharth Malhotra ( 16/01/1985 because (Rat year) begins on 2nd feb and it ends on 18th feb 1985 and with (Monkey )-  Kiara Advani 31-06-1992

    (Rat)-Katrina Kaif 16/07/1984 and with (Dragon)-Vicky Kaushal 16/05/1988


    YEAR 25 JANUARY 2020 to 11 FEBRUARY 2021 is Heavenly  Yang Metal and Earthly Branch (RAT YEAR)  Therefore GOOD for Rat- Dragon–Monkey-Ox and BAD for Horse-Sheep-Rooster.

    Year 12 FEBRUARY 2021 TO 31 JANUARY 2022 is Yin Metal and Earthly Branch (OX YEAR) GOOD for OX- SNAKE-ROOSTER-and BAD for Sheep-Horse-Dog and Dragon. 

    Year 1 st FEBRUARY 2022 To 22nd JANUARY 2023 Tiger Year Not Good For Monkey & Snake & Good For Tiger-Horse-Dog-and Pig






    The Above Elements are also represented in a persons year of birth, month of birth, day of birth and hour of birth, which are calculated according to Chinese  FOUR  PILLAR ASTROLOGY

    (Those Interested to know their  FOUR  PILLAR CHART  may Contact Mr. ARUN  SHAH on contact number (0091)  9892546121  on chargeable  basis)

    NOTE: Those Interested in Learning   Medical Diagnoses  according to   Vedic Astrology and Chinese Astrology may contact me on my above mobile number.